Meet. Every.
Stand Hour.


Activity Rings+ offers complications for your favorite Apple Watch faces that show whether you've met the current Stand Hour.

Beautiful Complications

See your familiar Activity Rings with an added Stand Indicator. Looks great on both full-color and tinted Watch faces.

Never Miss an Hour

If Activity Rings+ is lit up, you've already met your Stand Hour. If not, stand and use the app to know when your minute is up—no more scrolling to a tiny graph!

Fits Your Watch Face

Use Activity Rings+ in any slot on your favorite Watch faces, including Meridian, Infographic, and California. On older Watch faces, see a simple stand indicator that fills-in once you've stood.

Info at a Glance

Tap any Activity Rings+ complication to jump to your key metrics: Active Calories, Exercise Minutes, and Stand Hours. Plus, see today's steps without scrolling down.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Activity Rings+ offers a full Activity Rings-style complication with a centered Stand Indicator for every Watch face that supports dynamic views, at every complication position—even the rounded bezels and large middle slots! These faces include:

    • California
    • Chronograph Pro
    • Count Up
    • GMT
    • Gradient
    • Infograph
    • Infograph Modular
    • Meridian
    • Pride
    • Solar
    • X-Large.

    On all other Watch faces that allow complications, Activity Rings+ offers a stand-view complication that fills in solid once you've met the current Stand Hour. Use this in conjunction with Apple's built-in Activity complication to have all available data on your Watch face!

  • The Watch app mirrors, as closely as possible, the format of Apple's default Activity app. As with the default Activity app, when you click on an Activity Rings+ complication, you'll be presented with a full-screen view of your Activity Rings—this time, with a Stand Indicator in the middle. Above the rings are your current Move, Exercise, and Stand numbers, and below the rings (no need to scroll down!) is today's step count.

    If you tap the rings, you can cycle through three different views for the data: total calories/minutes/hours, percentage of move/exercise/stand goal, and remaining calories/minutes/hours for today's goals.

  • No. Unfortunately, WatchOS limits how frequently a Watch App may run to refresh its data. As a result, Activity Rings+ refreshes data in the background as often as possible—four times per hour (X:12, X:24, X:36, X:48).

    Further, the complication automatically removes the Stand Hour indicator at the start of each hour. If you see the Stand Indicator lit up, you're guaranteed to have already met your current Stand Hour.

    Any time you open the Activity Rings+ app (by tapping on the complication or otherwise), the app refreshes immediately—typically in less than a quarter of a second. If you're looking at the application screen, you can be sure you have the most up-to-date activity data and Stand Hour status. Once you return to your Watch face, the complication will also reflect this latest data. It will be static until the next scheduled refresh, the top of the next hour, or when you next open the Watch app—whichever comes first.

  • If you aren't seeing Activity Rings+ on your Watch after purchasing the app from the App Store on your iPhone, it probably failed to install automatically on your Apple Watch. You can force the app to install on your Watch by taking the following steps:

    1. From the home screen of your Apple Watch, push the Digital Crown to view all installed applications.
    2. Click the App Store icon to open the App Store on your Apple Watch—not the App Store on your iPhone.
    3. Once the App Store has loaded on your Apple Watch, scroll all the way to the bottom. Click "Account."
    4. Click "Purchased." If you use Family Sharing, you may also need to click "My Purchases."
    5. You will see a list of purchased apps available on your Apple Watch. Click the download cloud next to Activity Rings+.

  • No, I can't see your health data. Activity Rings+ does read current health metrics (Activity, Stand Hours, and Steps) from Apple's HealthKit each time it refreshes, but this information is only used to update the numbers and Activity Rings in the app and on the complications. As soon as that update is complete, Activity Rings+ does absolutely nothing with the data—it's not stored anywhere (even locally!) and it's certainly not transmitted anywhere.

    In fact, each time you open the Activity Rings+ app, it's like it's being opened for the first time. It quickly checks the current Move/Exercise/Stand data, draws the rings accordingly, and then stops accessing data entirely until the next app open. I don't collect any user data, either. I don't know how many times you open the application, whether a complication is on your Watch face, or whether you even still have the application installed.

    To reiterate, I have no way of ever seeing your Health Data. For more information, view the Privacy Policy at the link below: Privacy Policy

  • When Activity Rings+ runs for the first time on your Apple Watch, it requests permission to read certain categories of HealthKit data: Activity (to show Move, Exercise, and aggregate Stand data), Stand Hours (to determine whether you've met the current Stand Hour), and Steps. If you missed this prompt the first time it appeared, or if you denied permission and would like to change your settings, you can enable these permissions for Activity Rings+ by doing the following:

    1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
    2. Click Privacy.
    3. Click Health.
    4. Click "Activity Rings Plus"
    5. Click "Turn All Categories On."

    As a reminder, I have no way of ever seeing your Health Data. This app doesn't store anything and doesn't access the internet in any way. For more information, view the Privacy Policy at the link below: Privacy Policy